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Chiropractic Northbrook IL Testimonial

"I have been playing sports for twenty one years. Around the age of 18 or 19 I had my first adjustment with a traditional chiropractor, who used manipulation. My adjustments from the traditional chiropractor gave me temporary relief, to get me through a game and through practice. It was not until I found Dr. Bryant that I found an adjustment that made a difference for me. The adjustment he gave me held in place for weeks at a time, which is very important to me. Ever since I started playing ball, I have always had a stiff neck, leg pain, and lower back pain. I learned fro the first time that my body has the opportunity to be structurally balanced and in true alignment, allowing my body to begin to truly heal (again I learned this during my visits from Dr. Bryant and found out that this is actually possible.)

I am really happy that I crossed paths with Health solutions. Since I have been going to Health Solutions I feel great, better than I ever have. Upon meeting Dr. Bryant I found out my problem right away, that my C1 was making my hips unbalanced, making pain travel down to my quads, through my legs and to my ankle. I have to say with 10 years of traditional chiropractic work this was never addressed. I also get my extremities adjusted with Dr. Tom Bryant, my arms, and hands, my feet and ankles, even my knees. My body feels more fluid when I am working out and running. I feel like I am in one piece. My legs feel more energized. I have less soreness after working out. This is important to me as an athlete, and for playing football. I get banged around a lot. I have never felt so good. Health Solutions has been the best medical find.

After seeing other chiropractors for years, in about a month of time, has made a hug difference for me. I have noticed I am less sore and my body has a quicker recovery time.

After 10 years of other chiropractic treatment, this is the best I have ever felt."

- D’Wayne Bates
NFL Wide Receiver


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