Wrist and Carpal Tunnel Pain

Can you think of an entire day you spent without using your hands? How about an afternoon? It can almost seem like an impossibility. Now imagine every time you used your hands it caused pain, numbness, and tingling sensations? Not a very happy picture. Contact our Northbrook IL office for more information today.

This is what it’s like every day for those with carpal tunnel syndrome. It can be very difficult to work, do household chores, tend to the family, and even regular hygiene tasks can become a nightmare.

Using chiropractic to treat carpal tunnel

There is hope out there. Chiropractors have been helping those with carpal tunnel for generations. It is a safe and effective therapy that doesn’t require surgery. Your carpal bones can become displaced and misaligned due to chronic overuse, micro-trauma (typing), pregnancy (swelling), injury, and sometimes seemingly without any cause.

When the carpal bones are misaligned they, and your wrist tendons, can put undue stress on your median nerve (nerve of the hand and fingers). Conventional medicine’s standard of treatment involves cutting the flexor retinaculum (wrist tendon) in order to free up pressure on the nerves.

An alternative to traditional surgical treatments

This procedure can cause pain, scarring, and lead to unwanted biomechanical problems later in life.

Chiropractic is a safe and effective therapy that involves using tools and our hands to improve the alignment of your carpal joints, taking pressure off of the nerves and reducing symptoms. To know for sure if a Chiropractor can help, we do a full neurological and orthopedic exam on your first appointment. We can then tell you your options and give you honest feedback on what necessary therapies will help. Our motto is to take the safest and least-invasive approach first. If we can improve your quality of life and avoid surgical intervention, everybody wins! Don’t delay, we’re happy to answer your questions today.


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