Unexpected Benefits of Chiropractic Care in Northbrook

Unexpected Benefits of Chiropractic Care in Northbrook


When many people think of seeking chiropractic care, it is typically for back and/or neck pain relief. While this is a specialty, their healing benefits extend far beyond pain relief and posture alignment. Did you know they can assist with allergy relief? Help boost your immunity? Increase energy? There are a slew of unexpected benefits chiropractic care can assist with. Below is a quick list of unexpected benefits regular visits with Northbrook chiropractor, Dr. Tom Bryant can assist with.

Boosted Immune System

Our nervous system handles all of our communication throughout the body. The nervous system and immune system work with one another so our body can create the ideal responses to heal correctly. For our immune system to function properly the “line” of communication with the brain needs to be uninterrupted. Our “line” of communication is the nerves being sent back and forth through the spine. Inflammation and misalignment can interfere with the nerves, often times leading to delayed communication. Interference in communication delays our immune systems response to kick in and start repairing what is ailing us. Through upper back adjustments and spinal decompression, chiropractic care can clear the interference allowing our immune systems to get a boost.

Allergy Relief

When the nerve pathways are irritated this also can affect our allergy symptoms. Symptoms increase when our immune cells effectiveness are reduced due to interference. With a clear pathway the less antibiotics and other drugs should be needed. Chiropractic care helps relieve allergy symptoms and boost the immune system through spinal adjustments, spinal decompression and upper back adjustments typically.

Chiropractic Care Improves Digestion

The nervous system controls all of the digestive functions. When the spine is misaligned often times the nerves begin signaling for more acid production. More acid production results in bloating, heartburn, gas and acid reflux. As above, chiropractic adjustments can improve the nerves pathways. Once the pathway is improved excessive acid production can be slowed or eliminated.

Chiropractic Care Increases Energy

Often people who are stressed tend to carry a lot of tension. Even those who aren’t stressed can carry a lot of tension, typically in their neck, shoulders and upper back. We often see people who don’t even realize how much tension has built up in their body. The result of an increase or built up tension is often feeling sluggish, run down, tired and at times achy. Chiropractic care relieves the pressure built up in these areas increasing flexibility. This is an area where regular chiropractic visits will truly benefit an individual.

Removing Neurological Interference

With all of the above, especially digestion, allergy and immune system, the main goal of chiropractic care is to remove the neurological interference taking place. This is what is inhibiting your body from functioning at its peak. Chiropractic care allows your body to communicate properly and help heal itself. Contact the Health Solutions Precision Spinal Care team to start scheduling your regular chiropractic visits in Northbrook, IL to start receiving these unexpected benefits immediately!


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