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We often see patients who have been to many doctors looking for help. Nutrition Response Testing is one of the most advanced and effective healing strategies of today. A non-invasive system of analyzing neurological reflexes and acupuncture points to detect nutritional imbalances. Contact our Northbrook, IL office for more information.

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Nutrition Response Testing has an underlying principle that the body is run by chemical and electrical signals that are sent from (and back to) the brain via the spinal cord and the fluid nervous system. All of the organs are controlled by the brain and nervous system, and if there is an interference with the electrical messages, the result is a weakened muscle. Nutrition Response Testing uses many of the same muscle principles as Applied Kinesiology, but it is its own separate system. The fundamental principle of Nutrition Response Testing is that a symptom can be caused by any imbalance in the body. Once the imbalance is treated properly, the symptom can disappear.

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A healthy, unafflicted muscle is naturally strong and will resist average resistance. What you probably think of as simple muscle strength is actually a much deeper connection to nerves, organs, glands and systems of the body.

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Not only have so many of my patients experienced tremendous results from Nutriton Response Testing, I’ve greatly benefited as well. I look forward to helping you achieve optimum well being.

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