Elbow Pain

Whether you’re playing a sport, working in the office, or taking care of the family, pain in the elbow can affect the way you move and perform. The pain can be sharp, achy, numb, throbbing, but always a nuisance.

In our Northbrook, IL office, we’ve helped thousands with these pains. Elbow discomfort can occur from:

  • Desk and office work (pressure on the elbow)
  • Overuse during a sport or activity
  • Lifting and weight lifting
  • Moving heavy objects
  • Lack of stretching leading to stiff tendons
  • Misalignment/Subluxation of the elbow joint
  • Misalignment/Subluxation of the shoulder and/or wrist joints
  • Tendonitis (Tennis Elbow, Golfer’s Elbow)
  • Repetitive micro-trauma (repeating a motion like using a screw driver, gripping, or typing)

What to Expect:

After we identify the cause of your pain we can devise a strategy to remove pain and enhance function to prevent future injuries. We perform a comprehensive exam and customize specific therapies for each individual. Don’t delay, many elbow injuries can take longer to heal when we wait till the pain becomes unbearable. Let our professionals show you how to stay strong and active in your daily activities. Call Dr. Tom Bryant, trusted Northbrook Chiropractor for a consultation.


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