Beat Gym Boredom with These 5 Tips from Northbrook Chiropractor

Beat Gym Boredom with These 5 Tips from Northbrook Chiropractor

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Are you tired of your old fitness routine? Have you hit a weight loss plateau? Then it’s time for a change! Even the most avid gym goers lose their motivation or stop making progress. Doing the same exercises over and over again will cause your body to adapt, leading to plateaus. The only way to fight back is to be consistent and keep your workouts varied. Contact our Northbrook, IL office for more information.

Beat gym boredom and maximize your results with these five tips from Dr. Tom Bryant of Health Solutions Precision Spinal Care:

Shock Your Muscles into Growth

The key to muscle growth is to challenge your body and try new lifting techniques. Change the number of reps and sets, use different grips, and experiment with new workouts. Ditch the machines and do bodyweight exercises once in a while. Focus on multi-joint moves, such as lunges, squats, deadlifts, push-ups, pull-ups, and bench presses. These exercises target nearly every muscle in your body and torch fat. They also create an anabolic environment that promotes muscle growth.


Regular cardio can get boring. Most people engage in aerobic exercise because they need to, not because they want to. Some skip cardio altogether. If you carry a few extra pounds or just want to stay fit, try HIIT. Also known as high-intensity interval training, this workout method can burn over 400 calories in less than 20 minutes. A typical session can last as little as three minutes, so you don’t have time to get bored. Compared to regular cardio, HIIT burns more calories in less time. It also helps maintain muscle and boosts metabolism. From novices to pro athletes, everyone can benefit from HIIT.

Complete Full Body Circuits

One of the best ways to beat gym boredom is to add full body circuits to your workout. This approach maximizes the volume of work done in a short period of time. You can mix cardio and strength training, do plyometrics, or focus on either your upper or lower body. Complete a full body circuit once a week to break through plateaus to keep your muscles guessing.

Swap Gym Machines for TRX

TRX suspension training is fun and safe alternative to regular strength exercises. This workout method engages all muscles, burns fat, and makes you stronger overall. It puts pressure on the joints, making it safe for people with back, neck, and knee pain. When used properly, TRX offers better results and functionality than most gym machines. This technique consists of functional exercises that strengthen your core and stabilizing muscles.

Get a Workout Partner

If you’ve lost your motivation, get a workout partner! This is probably the easiest way to fight gym boredom and spice up your workouts. A gym buddy will help you break through plateaus and overcome your own limitations. They can watch your form, show you new exercises, and keep you accountable. Time flies when you have someone to talk to. Your workout partner can also spot you when lifting heavy weights or trying new moves. This lowers your risk of injury and allows you to progress. Another advantage of having a gym buddy is that you can compete against each other and have fun! If looking for more weight loss tips in Northbrook, reach out to Dr. Tom Bryant today!


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