Anxiety, ADHD in Northbrook IL

Do you or your children have ADD/ADHD or anxiety? ADHD and even more so anxiety have a variety of treatment options for patients. Many people will immediately turn to medication. There is however another form of care that can be sought out, chiropractic care.

A published study regarding children with learning and behavioral impairments due to neurological dysfunction, compared chiropractic care with drug treatment. The author reported chiropractic care was 24% more effective than commonly used medications. Chiropractic care was also reported as “more effective for the wide range of symptoms common in the neurological dysfunction syndrome in which thirteen symptom or problem areas were considered.”

Chiropractic care

A few ways Northbrook chiropractor, Dr. Tom Bryant, helps patients through neurofeedback, spinal manipulations and nutritional counseling. Each patient is different therefore requires an individualized plan, no one size fits all. Chiropractic care is often used in conjunction with other methods sometimes including medication and other times not. Nutritional counseling is one way of creating a healthier lifestyle which can be key in assisting with ADHD and anxiety. Correcting nerve interference in children and adults improves function of both the body and brain. Please contact Health Solutions Precision Spinal Care to learn more about how we can help you with your specific ailment.


1. Walton EV: “The effects of chiropractic treatment on students with learning and behavioral impairments due to neurological dysfunction.” International Review of Chiropractic 1975;29:4-5:24-26.

Do have a young child who is dealing with ADHD in Northbrook

Over the last several decades, the incidence of ADHD has increased drastically and so has the range of prescriptions prescribed to treat it. According to some estimates, up to one out of ten children and teens are diagnosed with ADHD. While the condition is more prevalent in boys, there is a significant number of girls who are affected as well. A lesser-known fact is that ADHD can continue to develop in children through adulthood while also posing a risk factor for additional neurological disorders in the future.

Researchers have been unable to discover the specific reason ADHD develops, but a common thread among all studies is an imbalance in the function of the nervous system. These imbalances in the nervous system are accompanied by an imbalance in neurotransmitters that many believe are the cause of the hyperactivity associated with ADHD. Our chiropractic team at Health Solutions Precision Spinal Care truly hopes the following information will help you navigate the difficulties of dealing with ADHD personally or help you better assist a loved one.

ADHD in Northbrook

It can be tough for parents to determine by themselves if their child is experiencing ADHD or not. It frequently presents itself in a number of ways that are not easy to pinpoint as ADHD off the cuff. Nevertheless, the following is a few of the typical behaviors one may notice in a child dealing with ADHD:

  • An inability to focus
  • Acting impetuously
  • Inability to sit at attention
  • Constantly pacing
  • Trouble remaining silent for long periods of time
  • Easily distracted
  • Forgetfulness

Do You Think Your Child Has ADHD?

As is the case with many disorders, a solid starting point for treatment is a conservative one. The list below has habits that tend to produce favorable results that have been able to improve numerous medical conditions:

  • Attempt to consume organic foods
  • Avoid foods with gluten, the most commonly overlooked food allergen
  • Excessive sugars and sweets
  • Look for organic compounds when picking out cleaning supplies and chemicals

Conventional Therapies for ADHD

Regrettably, as is the case for many health issues nowadays, probably the most frequent treatment approach involves the use of drugs. These include Class 2 antipsychotic medications that are used to mitigate the symptoms of ADHD. These drugs are more well known by their brand names, Ritalin and Adderall. Most people are unaware, but these prescription drugs are on the same schedule as infamous controlled substances like cocaine and methamphetamines. It makes sense then as to why the secondary effects that these drugs produce include:

  • Tachycardia
  • Unconsciousness or fainting
  • Skin conditions
  • Hyper-aggression
  • Increased blood pressure

Alternative ADHD Therapies

As a result of the failure of prescriptions to sufficiently treat ADHD, and the myriad of unwanted secondary effects these medications produce, parents have started to hunt for conservative remedies that work. Utilizing a careful and detailed assessment of your child's spine, we'll have the ability to determine certain impingements that may be preventing their nervous system from operating at full capacity. With low-force, noninvasive, and careful adjustments our chiropractor can help restore normal nervous system function and improve symptoms.

In addition, our staff has found that nutrition can help improve the symptoms of ADHD. A carbohydrate-heavy diet is all too common for children today. Focusing heavily on improving the diet of children with ADHD can help further mitigate the effects it can have on their cognitive function.

Feel free to contact the chiropractic team at Health Solutions Precision Spinal Care if you seek relief from ADHD for you or your child in Northbrook. Schedule your free consultation today.


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